Dr. Emmanuela Ambrose (Clinician)

Dr. Ambrose is a pediatrician and child health specialist at Bugando Medical Centre teaching and consultant hospital. She serves as the paediatric haematologist for her hospital, which serves 40% of the country’s population. She devotes her clinical practice and research efforts to haematology, especially sickle cell disease. She has supplemented her clinical training with additional experience in haematology obtained from Boston Children’s Hospital as part of their global hematology/oncology (GLOBE) program and from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center where she completed an observership and a haemoglobinopathy counseling course. Emmanuela documented the birth prevalence of sickle cell disease and described the haematological and clinical evolution of the disease in Tanzanian infants as part of her master’s thesis and was a co-investigator for the Tanzania Sickle Surveillance Study (TS3) which obtained contemporary sickle cell prevalence data from a geographically representative sample in all regions and districts of northwest Tanzania. In 2017 she was awarded an ASH Global Scholar award to perform a clinical trial entitled “Stroke Prevention with Hydroxyurea Enabled through Research and Education (SPHERE)” which opened enrollment in April 2019. Currently she is working with SPARCO- Tanzania as Satellite contact personnel in Mwanza and Hydroxyurea Study Lead.